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Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer

This full moon eclipse in Cancer comes as a reminder to fiercely take care of and nurture ourselves. How many of us had so many goals for 2020, that as soon as Jan 1 hit, we rushed head first into the hustle? The Capricorn stellium has only been fueling our fires. But this eclipse is

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New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

This is the last new moon of a decade and a wonderful time to get clear on our visions for 2020 – and the upcoming decade!  2019 ends with a bang – a new moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn. This is the sign of long term visions and goals, so it’s appropriate that this

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Full Moon in Gemini

This is the last full moon of an entire decade. Think of it as the final cosmic window of opportunity to let go of what you are not willing to take into 2020. The full moon is often a time that sheds light on the shadow sides of ourselves. And since this is the last

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Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces. Intuition. Emotion. Soul. Surrender. Death of the ego. Wisdom. Compassion. Enlightenment. Psychic revelations. The Harvest Moon is here and It’s legendary for a reason. This a beautiful time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished this year and revel in the rewards. The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces blends a potent mix of

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New Moon in Gemini

The moon, sun, and mercury all sit together in Gemini. Gemini is often referred to as “the bridge between heaven and earth. Known for wit and the gift of gab, Gemini energy loves to collect as much information as it can about life. You’ll often hear of people with Gemini in their natal charts reading

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Full Moon in Libra Part 2

This is the second Libra full moon we’ve had in a row – placing extra emphasis on the weaknesses within us that keep us from harmonious relationships. Relationships with our loved ones, with our career, and with ourselves. Everything you participate with in this life is a relationship. Libra wants there to always be peace,

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