Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer

This full moon eclipse in Cancer comes as a reminder to fiercely take care of and nurture ourselves. How many of us had so many goals for 2020, that as soon as Jan 1 hit, we rushed head first into the hustle? The Capricorn stellium has only been fueling our fires. But this eclipse is … Read more

Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces. Intuition. Emotion. Soul. Surrender. Death of the ego. Wisdom. Compassion. Enlightenment. Psychic revelations. The Harvest Moon is here and It’s legendary for a reason. This a beautiful time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished this year and revel in the rewards. The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces blends a potent mix of … Read more

Full Moon in Libra Part 2

This is the second Libra full moon we’ve had in a row – placing extra emphasis on the weaknesses within us that keep us from harmonious relationships. Relationships with our loved ones, with our career, and with ourselves. Everything you participate with in this life is a relationship. Libra wants there to always be peace, … Read more

The Power of a Gratitude Practice

For a long time, gratitude was just a spiritual buzzword to me. I knew, logically, that it was a good thing to be grateful. I knew, logically, of its power and importance. But if I’m honest, there was a part of me that thought it was kind of cheesy. I thought it was elementary spirituality; … Read more

Full Moon in Libra

The sun just entered Aries, there’s a full moon in Libra, Mercury is still retrograde, and it’s the Spring Equinox! There’s plenty of comsic energy to work with over the next few days, so let’s dig a little deeper. The first theme that comes to mind with the changing of the seasons is “Spring Cleaning”. … Read more