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Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer

This full moon eclipse in Cancer comes as a reminder to fiercely take care of and nurture ourselves.

How many of us had so many goals for 2020, that as soon as Jan 1 hit, we rushed head first into the hustle?

The Capricorn stellium has only been fueling our fires.

But this eclipse is a chance to say no to another year full of strife and overwhelm. It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen into workaholism, or gone in the wrong direction again, you can still say no, and you can still shift directions. You can still prioritize your wellbeing over all else.

This will mean setting uncomfortable boundaries and cultivating big, big faith.

This eclipse is our second chance at starting the new decade with our most authentic intentions. If it doesn’t fulfill you deeply, have the courage to let it go and search out that which does.

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of ambition, which both Cancer and Capricorn, being cardinal signs, are packed full of. But let’s start getting ambitious about ALL areas of our lives, including how we care for ourselves, how we honor our desires, and how we rest & recharge. Let’s make serenity and peace of mind a goal that is just as important as starting our new business or going to the gym.

As we temper our ambition with patience, acceptance and love, we become whole. In this way, we aren’t only living for the material or physical world (Capricorn) but we are connecting intimately with our intuition, our loved ones, and our healing. (Cancer).

Sending lots of love throughout the cosmos.


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