Full Moon in Gemini

This is the last full moon of an entire decade. Think of it as the final cosmic window of opportunity to let go of what you are not willing to take into 2020.

The full moon is often a time that sheds light on the shadow sides of ourselves. And since this is the last one of the decade, the Universe won’t be as subtle. It WILL show you where you’re not whole. It WILL show you what isn’t working. It WILL show you that part of yourself that unconsciously self-sabotages you. 

All of this is good information. You want to see it, so that you can release it. This is the time to do it before the start of a brand new decade. This is a full moon in Gemini, and Gemini at its best is the ultimate truth seeker and truth teller, and isn’t always gentle about it.

Your blind spots are being revealed because 2020 holds magic for you. Magic that can’t be made manifest if you aren’t willing to grow, transform, and shed your skin.

The fact that this full moon falls on 12/12 at 12:12am EST is another point we cannot miss. 12 is the number of completion and enlightenment. Don’t forget to embrace how far you have come since 2010. Look at your own cycle of completion in this moment. Honor who you’ve evolved out of and into. 

And then let it go, and brace yourself for a whole new you, all over again. These are exciting times.

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