Full Moon in Libra Part 2

This is the second Libra full moon we’ve had in a row – placing extra emphasis on the weaknesses within us that keep us from harmonious relationships.

Relationships with our loved ones, with our career, and with ourselves. Everything you participate with in this life is a relationship.

Libra wants there to always be peace, love and justice for all sides concerned. Aries (the sun remains in Aries until tomorrow) doesn’t much care how others think or feel. Authenticity and manifestation are more important to Aries than pleasing others for the sake of harmony.

Both energies are important to work with; it’s important to find the middle ground.

How can we boldly take hold of our destiny without alienating those we are in relationship with?

Do our relationships support our mission?

This is a wonderful time to get quiet and contemplate all the different people, places, chemicals and situations you find yourself in relationship with. Do they serve your highest good? Do they serve you at all?

If not, what is the underlying fear that keeps you entangled in them? Look at the fear, ask the Universe for faith, and trust that you’ll receive the strength and support needed to let go.

Once you begin to disentangle yourself from those things which deplete your life force, even if it’s just one unhealthy thought pattern, you’ll be gifted with new, invigorating experiences.

Good fortune and growth await you on the other side of fear.

Happy healing 💕

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