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Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces. Intuition. Emotion. Soul. Surrender. Death of the ego. Wisdom. Compassion. Enlightenment. Psychic revelations.

The Harvest Moon is here and It’s legendary for a reason. This a beautiful time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished this year and revel in the rewards.

The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces blends a potent mix of water and earth energy, which makes for incredible creation and vitality. When the soul and the body are both healthy, it’s amazing what we can create.

I say this every full moon, but for those of you who don’t know, it’s the ideal time to let go, release, surrender. What would you give up if you knew it would be replaced with something unfathomably superior?

We stay stuck in so many ways, some small and seemingly insignificant, out of fear of the void. As a fixed sign, (Scorpio), it is very hard for me to let go. I will usually hold on ‘til the Universe forces my clutch free. But sometimes I do, and when I can do so on my own accord, there’s way less drama.

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