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New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

This is the last new moon of a decade and a wonderful time to get clear on our visions for 2020 – and the upcoming decade! 

2019 ends with a bang – a new moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn. This is the sign of long term visions and goals, so it’s appropriate that this would be the energy we are called to work with while looking ahead to the next decade.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, often called the “Taskmaster”. Saturn doesn’t care how you feel – it just wants what is best for you. It wants to squeeze out every ounce of your potential and make it manifest. With the solar eclipse, it can be a powerful wake up call. Eclipses initiate change. In Capricorn, the changes could be challenging or unforseen.

It is up to us to have absolute faith in the Universe, and that it is working on our behalf, for our highest good, always. It is up to us to trust these cosmic shifts. To work on letting go of control, and letting go of what keeps getting in the way of our highest self and most aligned life. 

This is what astrology is for. To show us how to navigate the cyclical nature of ourselves and to show us our truest nature. 

Questions to ponder during this time:

Do I know what I really want for this next decade, and if not, am I willing to explore that even if it seems frightening or overwhelming?

Am I willing to really let go of what I know deep down is keeping me from living in alignment with who I truly am?

Am I willing to be self-disciplined enough to put in the daily, sometimes tedious work that it will take to manifest the life I truly desire? Can I give up short term pleasure for long term fulfilment and satisfaction?

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